Track Coaching at Calshot 2023-2024

Track Coaching at Calshot 2023-2024

We’re back with more track!

6 sessions, of 4 hours each have been aranged for the fast approaching Autumn/Winter period.

These will initially consist of 12 adult and 12 youth/junior places. At the moment, having the balance of 12 & 12 allows us to cover our costs and allow you to have as much track time within a session as possible. The ration may change depending on demand.

The session dates are as follows:

  • Sunday 22 October 1330-1730
  • Sunday 19 November 0900-1300
  • Sunday 10 December 1330-1730
  • Sunday 21 January 1330-1730
  • Sunday 25 February 1330-1730
  • Sunday 17 March 1330-1730
  • Book here:

If you have any questions about sessions, booking or places, then please contact

As in previous years, no experience necessary – except being able to ride a bike! If you are a novice, we will take you through a very comprehensive introduction to track and see you progress quickly into what will be one of the most exciting experience of your cycling adeventures.