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Extra Talent Development Sessions Announced

We are pleased to announce that three more Pathway Development Session dates to our coaching calendar. The first two continue with our evening sessions – Thursday 27th June and Wednesday 3rd July. The start time for these two sessions is 7pm and we will provide a two hour training block which will conclude around 9pm.…
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Coaching Session for Islington CC

Today Prime Coaching provided a bespoke coaching morning for Islington Cycle Club. Whilst we are happy to tailor our coaching sessions based on a club’s individual requirements, today’s brief was “we’ll have what London Dynamo had”. Fair enough, so here’s what we did. Aidan, from the Islington CC recruited as many as he could from…
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Coaching Session for London Dynamo

Today was the second private coaching event that we have organised for London Dynamo. The weather on the way to the circuit did not bode well, and looked as though a damp miserable day lay ahead. Things had brightened up after the welcome tea was served and introductions and the session format was delivered. One…
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